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Modern Fixed Income: Reflect and Reimagine

Our FI Index Expertise

The Move to Indexing

Low yields, new capabilities, and structural changes are driving a move towards indexing across the fixed income spectrum.

Modern Fixed Income Portfolio Move to Indexing


say that increased use of indexing is a high priority for both core and non-core fixed income exposures over the next three years.

Indexing is ideal for today’s environment: cost-effective access to performance.

With yields so low, cost-effectiveness matters. Our indexing products offer objectivity, precision and efficiency. With over 30 year’s indexing experience, you can rely on us to deliver the results you need, whatever the sector.

  • Cost Ultra-low yields mean fees have a larger impact than ever on Fixed Income returns.

  • Performance Quantitative Easing suppresses volatility, leading to a crowding out effect on alpha opportunities.

  • Flexibility Index strategies can complement active strategies and provide investors with greater flexibility.

  • Indexing and Replication Sophisticated indexing techniques focus on minimizing costs and controlling risks while adding value.

Why Us ?

Delivering the Benefits of Indexing

  1. Achieving reliable and risk-controlled outcomes
  2. Providing liquidity and flexibility through diversified exposure
  3. Add value through efficient implementation
  4. Benefit from cost-effective market exposure
  5. Emphasize transparency on key drivers of portfolio risks and returns
  6. Provide comprehensive exposures across fixed income
  7. 99.56% of our indexed strategies tracked within set risk tolerances3

Comprehensive Platform of Indexed Fixed Income Capabilities

Modern Fixed Income Portfolio Capabilities

Need Return? Look to Emerging Markets

We’re a global leader in Emerging Market Debt investing and a pioneer in indexed EMD. Discover what cost-effective index investing in a yield-leading asset class could do for your portfolio.

All you Need in ESG Investing

Whether you’re looking to manage risk, align investments to your values or pursue more sustainable performance, our range of ESG products has a solution.

From green bonds to our latest innovation, the Sustainable Climate Bond Strategy, we can help you find the performance and characteristics you need with ESG built-in.

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