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Investing in Sustainable Growth: Q2 2023

In the latest newsletter from the Fundamental Growth & Core Equity team, Chief Investment Officer Mike Solecki considers the narrow nature of the US equity rally in the first half of 2023, with a small cohort of stocks driving the performance of technology and communications services sectors against the backdrop of strong upward revisions to earnings estimates.

One of the articles in the newsletter takes a closer look at the innovative and disruptive advances in AI, while the second article explores the recent developments in Saudi Arabia and the opportunities that may arise:

It’s Not Too Late to Invest in AI and Innovation This is an exciting time for change and innovation. The convergence of several technological advancements is ushering in the age of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has the potential to impact nearly every industry and business. Against the backdrop of sharply higher valuations for some high-profile companies, some investors have questioned whether they are too late to get aboard the investment opportunity. As ever, the story is much more than just the headlines.

Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a multi-year transformation that is attracting attention from investors around the world. This transformation is happening at a rapid pace after the country’s leaders have implemented massive structural reforms as well as presenting a more favorable regulatory environment for doing business.

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