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Strategies & Capabilities

Indexed Fixed Income

Fixed income investing that is reliable, transparent and risk-controlled.

Our Expertise

As indexed investing pioneers and one of the largest institutional managers in the world, we provide clients with the flexible indexed fixed income solutions and experience that investors need today.*

*All data as of June 30, 2023

Why Indexed Fixed Income?

Solving for the main objectives of protection and income is more complex for investors than ever. With electronic trading platforms and the expanding use of ETFs making markets increasingly transparent and efficient, the value of indexed fixed income management exposures is greater than ever before. Benefits of indexing within fixed income include:


With more precise tracking to the benchmark across risk dimensions, index allocations deliver the results investors expect.


Offering diversified, less concentrated exposures can complement less liquid allocations in a broader investment portfolio.

No Style Biases

In contrast to active management, indexed fixed income targets index exposure, which means when a sector performs well so will your investment.


No matter the investing environment, lower fees translate into higher returns.

Our Approach

As skilled fixed income investors with more than forty years of indexing experience, we know that indexed fixed income is not the same as full replication of an index. That is why we constantly look for ways to reduce the cost of delivering index-like returns, with an approach that seeks to:

Control Risk

We focus on tight tracking relative to the index, with the goal of delivering no surprises.

Minimize Cost

Unlike equity markets, fixed income indices are constantly changing. Through a disciplined, time-tested stratified sampling process, we seek to reduce the cost of implementation and turnover a like.

Add Incremental Return

Whether through sophisticated trading techniques such as participation in new issue markets or identifying more attractively valued securities, we are always looking to offset and reduce the cost of implementation.

Our Offering

We manage over $555 billion across a range of indexed fixed income strategies. Our expertise in managing complex exposures across sectors and geographies—incorporating innovative trading techniques—gives us an unmatched ability to allocate sources of risk and return from various markets, resulting in attractive economics and better access to primary markets. Our comprehensive platform of indexed fixed income capabilities includes:

Sovereigns Multi Sector Investment Grade
ESG High Yield
Securitized Emerging Markets
$257 B $136 B $81 B $71 B $33 B $9 B $39 B

Source: State Street Global Advisors as of 30 June 2023.

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