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Our Climate Strategies

Climate change poses perhaps the biggest systemic risk in your investment portfolios. These risks will continue to impact almost all segments and industries — not just the obvious polluters. However, with climate risk also comes tremendous investment opportunity as the economy reworks against the impact of climate change.

Discover the Benefits of Sustainable Climate Investing

As a proven climate leader, we are helping our clients to transform their equity and bond portfolios to lose the carbon and keep the returns. We’ve developed a range of equity and bond solutions to help you mitigate and adapt toclimate change risks, and position your portfolio for the transition to the low-carbon economy.

Sustainable Climate Equity Funds

Sustainable Climate Bond Funds

Climate-Specific Reporting

Our climate reporting solutions are designed to help clients understand how their strategies perform against their investment objectives, including climate-focused objectives. The reports also help clients to meet regulatoryobligations and their reporting obligations to beneficiaries, trustees and other stakeholders.