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Strategies & Capabilities

Index Equity

Our equity index funds have been helping institutional investors solve their investment challenges for over 40 years. Our clients include many of the largest pension funds in the world, as well as endowments, sovereign wealth funds and countless others.

Our Expertise

Our investment management business was founded on indexing. From introducing our first S&P 500 index fund in 1978 to launching the first exchange traded fund (ETF) in the US in 1993, there are few challenges our experienced portfolio management teams haven’t seen and can’t solve.

Why Us?

Our size, experience and client dedication allow us to focus on providing reliable index equity solutions today and for the future.

Depth and Flexibility

We track the nuances of over 500 indices spanning a broad range of custom smart beta and ESG, as well as standard market cap weighted indices. Whether offering indexes from leading providers or building them ourselves, our breadth of product and vehicle types enable flexibility and choice for investors.

Strength in Numbers

With more than 1,400 clients around the world, our internal crossing network and ability to identify trends and share insights across the globe saves clients tens of millions of dollars every year.

Robust Research

Research guides our investment decisions and strategy design, whether it is identifying index implementation value that can be gained from exploiting micro-inefficiencies, integrating ESG into index and factor-based strategies, or developing proprietary, rules-based indices.

State-of-the-Art Trading Platforms

Our seamless interface for all aspects of the trading lifecycle—connecting three regional trading desks to brokers, alternative trading systems and external crossing systems around the world—gives us exceptional control and trading cost advantages.

Asset Stewardship and Active Ownership

As fiduciaries and the third largest global asset manager, we have a responsibility to use our voice and vote to encourage portfolio companies to address issues that could impact long-term shareholder value. Through our engagements, hundreds of publicly traded companies have taken important steps to strengthen their business for the future, including increasing the diversity of their leadership teams and improving their readiness to respond to climate change challenges today and into the future.

Our Latest Thinking

Our Approach

Being a truly global firm with a long track record of thoughtful implementation has helped us build long and lasting relationships with clients.

We Integrate Human Insight with Cutting Edge Technology

We Offer Precise Index Exposures & Superior Performance Management

We Prioritize Risk-Aware Implementation and Transaction Cost Minimization

We Innovate by Aligning Research with Client and Market Demands

We Focus on Long-Term Shareholder Value

Our Offering

Our broad index offering supported by $2.16T in Index equity AUM includes:

Core Beta

Our clients have access to a range of funds through which we add incremental value through risk-aware implementation and cost-reduction strategies, as well as strategic execution of index changes.

Tax-Aware Beta Solutions

We help taxable investors meet their investment objectives by crafting customized beta exposures that efficiently weigh different competing objectives of tracking error minimization, along with minimizing their tax liability.

Defined Contribution Focus

We manage a range of index funds for defined contribution plans, including target date components and allocation, to help companies ensure their employees can plan for a secure, dignified retirement.

Our Team

Operating from ten global investment centers, our dedicated index equity functions include portfolio management, research, systems and investment strategy.

Bio Image of Emiliano Rabinovich

Emiliano Rabinovich, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Jennifer Bender

Jennifer Bender, Ph.D.

Director of Research

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