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Emerging Market Debt : Cautious Optimism

Emerging bond markets have rallied strongly since the sharp drawdown last year. Valuations have recovered even as some fundamentals – such as debt sustainability and fiscal discipline – have become challenged. But while the start of 2021 has shown that smooth sailing cannot be guaranteed, there are reasons to remain optimistic towards EMD.

17 March 2021 By Lyubka Dushanova
Fixed Income
Case for Allocating to Emerging Market Debt

Emerging market debt (EMD) is a versatile asset. It offers equity investors risk mitigation potential with modest return dilution.

01 March 2021 By Desmond Lawrence, Michele Anne Barlow, Yichan Shu
Fixed Income
India Sovereign Bonds: Index Inclusion on the Horizon

India is making it easier for foreign investors to invest in the country's bonds – getting its sovereign bonds included in benchmark indices is a key pillar of that plan. Strong economic fundamentals, investment grade credit ratings and relatively high yields underpin the attraction to potential investors.

31 January 2021 By Srinivasan M, David Patrick Furey Video
Market Updates
China’s 2020 National People’s Congress: The Big Policy Pivot

Policy-makers in China changed policy direction by implementing new security measures in Hong Kong and removing a target for GDP growth. These economic cum political decisions should continue to make Chinese assets attractive for global investors, though they could pose a relative headwind for other Emerging Markets. Yet, market dynamics will depend more on how DM countries manage their exits from lockdown.

22 May 2020
Market Updates
Reflections on the COVID-19 Crisis from Three Seasoned EM Investors

State Street Global Advisors investment experts share their perspectives on emerging markets (EM) investing in the context of current market volatility and the COVID-19 crisis.

16 April 2020
Market Updates
COVID-19 and Emerging Markets: Taking Stock, Moving Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic represents both a serious public health and economic threat for emerging markets. The crisis has dented emerging market growth prospects and reversed years of strong performance.

15 April 2020 By David Patrick Furey
Market Updates
Consequences of the Global Liquidity Crisis for Emerging Markets Investors

The COVID-19 crisis has taken shape as a liquidity shock to global markets, resulting in substantial outflows and plunging prices in EM. It will be some time before EM investors are able to align their decision making to fundamentals. At this point, liquidity is the key factor to watch.

25 March 2020