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SSgA has extensive experience managing MACS strategies across a broad array of global, tactical, and strategic benchmarks. Many of these portfolios are custom designed to meet the distinct needs of our institutional investors around the world. Our history as an index fund manager has enabled us to develop an arsenal of portfolio management tools across all major asset classes and financial derivative instruments.

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Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation strategies aim to achieve a long-term asset allocation objective through setting and maintaining pre-determined asset class weights. The approach emphasizes the preservation of fixed weights because the weight given to each asset class relates to a larger performance objective. For man investors, strategic weights are revisited periodically to ensure they are aligned with the portfolio's goals and objectives. SSgA designs customized SAA solutions based on investment objectives, current and forecasted market conditions as well as the investor's risk aversion and current asset mix.

Tactical Asset Allocation

While strategic asset allocation defines an appropriate long-term asset mix for a portfolio, tactical asset allocation (TAA) seeks to add value by positioning a portfolio to reflect changes in the asset class valuations in relation to a strategic asset mix benchmark. SSgA believes that investors can benefit from these shifts in valuations by using a TAA strategy that positions a portfolio to reflect these changes. The approach seeks to add value over the strategic benchmark in a risk-managed framework calibrated to the investor's tolerance for risk.

Target Retirement

SSgA's Target Retirement Strategies aim to provide convenient, cost-effective balanced exposure across the major global asset classes in a single investment vehicle. These broadly diversified strategies combine low-cost index strategies, professional judgment as to what types of investment are best for a specific retirement date, and automatic rebalancing based on risk and return goals over time. SSgA offers a full suite of Target Retirement Strategies utilizing which include low cost beta exposure and a sophisticated allocation glide path optimized for all phases of retirement planning.

Exposure Management

An exposure management strategy can help maintain asset class exposures in a low cost, liquid manner while allowing an investor to maintain cash balances. For many institutional investor, balancing asset allocation objectives with cash flow needs can cause misalignment with their long-term goals. Using exposure management strategies, such as liquid index futures, can help investors more efficiently manage portfolio allocations when market liquidity is scarce and volatility is high. These strategies come in four general forms: cash equitization, strategic overlay, tactical overlay and beta management for portable alpha mandates.

LDI Solutions

We believe liability driven investing is a total portfolio solution, addressing growth and risk management while using a plan's liabilities as a custom benchmark. we aim to achieve rate of return targets while managing asset-liability mismatches, reduce shortfall risk and mitigate contribution requirements for plan liabilities. Our portfolios are designed to combine and optimize efficient sources of beta based on a liability risk profile, and produce lower volatility relative to a plan's liabilities.

Specialty Solutions

SSgA’s Specialty solutions enable investors to access alternative asset classes and non-traditional portfolio construction implementations to target specific market/asset class exposures and widen the investment opportunity set.

These strategies include:

  • All International
  • Multisource Active Commodities
  • Optimized Beta
  • Real Assets

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